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Queen Latifah faces a kingdom of law suits

Queen Latifah, the musician who first crossed over into Hollywood, then ventured even further into fashion, is probably wishing she had her laid-back life back as a rap star.

In two seperate lawsuits being filed in New York, Latifah, born Dana Elaine Owens, is being sued for US$1-million for non-payment involving a make-up artist and a stylist.

According to SmartSexyRich.com, a consultant named Roxanna Floyd is suing for US$700,000 for co-creating the Queen Collection for CoverGirl. Furthermore, stylist Susan Moses, hoping aboard the Sue Queen Latifah bandwagon, is also suing the Chicago star for US$300,000 for work in developing Curvations, a lingerie line for women that don't look like Kate Moss.

These lawsuits should serve as a warning to rap stars wishing to venture into the more mainstream American commercial markets. (Which is just about everyone, from Kriss-Kross to Ludacris). Before you think life is hard on the back of a tour bus, wait until the claws start coming out in the fashion biz.



photos of queen latifah at the oscarS

Feb. 19th, 2009

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Queen Latifah look absolutely gorgeous at the Kennedy Center Honors for Barbara Streisand.

Queen Latifah will perform at the 2009 Starlight Gala at the Alys Stephens Center, organizers announced today. Tickets for the event, set for 7 p.m. April 4, will go on sale Dec. 9.

Prices haven't been announced, but the Stephens Center typically offers tickets to a show in the Jemison Concert Hall and VIP tickets that include a reception and a chance to meet the star.

Latifah, 38, a singer and actress, will perform selections from her lastest CD, "Trav'lin' Light," a collection of soul and jazz covers such as "Georgia Rose," "Poetry Man," "I Love Being Here with You" and "I Want a Little Sugar in my Bowl."

Born Dana Owens, she started her career as a hip-hop artist and later enlarged her professional profile as an actor, author and celebrity spokeswoman. Latifah has won several awards for her work, including a Grammy and a Golden Globe.


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:: comment, i greatly appreciate it
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Great opening!

The Secret Life of Bees made it's debut at number 3, beating out the highly anticipated W. over the weekend and made an estimate of $11.1 million dollars.

Congratulations, girls!

another great interview...

Found another great interview with Queen Latifah.


How did you get yourself into the more emotional moments of the story?
Music is very important to me. I connect probably quicker through music than I do through any other medium. I could literally play one verse of a Clark Sisters record, or eights bars, and something strikes me in such a way that it brings me right there. Usually I'm looking to some type of gospel, which tends to get right to my spirit. This movie, I can honestly say, I was so present. I was so in August's body. It was like, I know this person. I felt like these are my sisters. This is where we live, this is what we do, Zach is my godson, all these women are my friends. I just felt her. I felt connected to where we were, what was going on at that moment. Like I said, more than any film that I've done in a long time.

Did you have relatives or ancestors who personally experienced the Civil Rights movement?
No, not really. I'm not related to any black person in the country... of course I got relatives! [The entire room bursts out laughing] My dad works with me on a lot of movies. Any question I had, I can just ask him, for someone who was actually around at that time. I also kind of grew up in the South. My grandmother and my aunts and uncles, a lot of them were from Maryland and Virginia. I experienced some racism in New York. Just go try to get a cab, you'll feel it. They'll pass me and pick you up. That immediately connects you to how painful it is. That's the kind of things that affected me as a kid.

more at the SOURCE


Queen Latifah ... the geek?

Here at Scientific American, we’re quite proud of our 163-year history. We especially like to point out that nearly 140 Nobel Prize winners have written for us – including three of those who won last week.

But we’re also proud to count pop culture icons among our readers. Here’s one: Queen Latifah, icon of coolness.

Who knew?

"I read Scientific American … and I'm just fascinated by nature and animals and insects," the actress told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in a story published today. The queen plays a beekeeper who takes in two runaways in a new movie, The Secret Life of Bees. (One secret is that there’s an actress in the film named Nicky Buggs.)

The queen's publicist didn’t immediately respond to an e-mail asking for more details about her being a fan of ours. We're wondering, though: Did Queen Latifah, who at 38 is also a successful rap artist and businesswoman, ever entertain a career in science?

And what did she read about bees in Scientific American, anyway? Was it “Being Stung by Bees: 'You get used to it'"? Or maybe “Searching For What's Behind the Bee Decline"?

Then again, she’s trying to create some, uh, buzz around this movie. So maybe it was “Why Do Bees Buzz?”